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A Teaching, Preaching, Healing Ministry based on the Books of Daniel and Revelation.  Providing Daily End Time Prophetic Insights, Daily Devotionals, Weekly Sermons and Public Outreaches to discuss current hot topics with the public. Teaching on Biblical Healthy Living Lifestyle, Three Angels Messages, Tell it to the world, Free E-Books on Current Events. With Pastor Henriques and Team. You will be blessed.

Secrets Unsealed

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Secrets Unsealed is a Teaching, Preaching and Healing Ministry has produced over 100 different series on prophecy and various Biblical topics based on the books of Daniel and Revelation. SUM Provides Free Bible Prophecy Manuals for downloads at their website and have a 24-hour TV channel called SUMTV.  One of the most ambitious projects so far has been “Cracking the Genesis Code”, a series of 52 one-hour lectures presenting the full message of the Bible from the perspective of the book of Genesis, among other engaging series. Pastor Stephen Bohr has spent his life (40yrs) in mission service, dedicated decades in ministry, and his deep theological research is ongoing. His love for the Lord is the driving force behind his commitment to spreading the cutting-edge gospel message for these last days with clarity and power.

Amazing Discoveries

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Amazing Discoveries is a Canadian based organization committed to exposing deceptions and errors in the religious and spiritual realm, history and restoring the truth about God and His Word through the proclamation of the three angels’ messages in Rev.14:6-12.  Provides Satellite TV broadcasting in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Southern Africa. Insightful video teachings on Bible Prophecy in the books of Daniel and Revelation. Provides free materials and audio and video downloads on all formats. Please check their website.